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Lamichhane's political report hints at midterm elections: “‘Mission 84’ may change, let's stay on standby”

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KATHMANDU, Nov 30: Rabi Lamichhane, the chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has hinted at the possibility of midterm elections instead of the country waiting for the regular four-year election cycle.

Lamichhane, while presenting a political report at a meeting of the party held in Jaleshwar, Mahottari district, from Monday to Wednesday, mentioned that waiting for four years might exacerbate the current state of affairs.

"If we wait for four years, the country will move even faster. On the one hand, the country will keep falling down, and on the other hand, everyone desires another election. So, should we wait for four years to complicate things in the country further or opt for midterm elections?" he questions in the report.

Lamichhane stated that it would be appropriate for all the old parties to collaborate and run together. He has written in the report that his party would play the role of the opposition. In the report, he questioned the old parties, "If this situation continues for another four years, will the country incur more political losses or will the expenses of elections be more?"

He has also instructed the leaders and party cadres to be prepared for the possibility of midterm elections. The slogan of ‘Mission 84’ may or may not change. I instruct all party structures to remain on standby," the report reads.

The report highlights the calculated losses if the current series of events continues for another four years, emphasizing the need for changes in the provincial structure.

RSP Chairman Lamichhane has pointed out in the report that changes in the provincial structure are essential. “We are also repeatedly raising our voices regarding the opinion and dissatisfaction of the citizens regarding the provincial structure. It is imperative to change the provincial structure," the report said. He expressed the view that because the provinces could not fulfill their responsibilities, dissatisfaction with the provincial structure has increased among the citizens.

Lamichhane mentioned that all kinds of changes can be made under this system. “We formed the party with the belief that it is possible to bring about all kinds of changes by winning the people's support within this system. Our conclusion still stands,” the report further reads.


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