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Nepali woman rescued from Oman

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JHAPA, Nov 30: Sanjita Rajbanshi, 28, from Mechinagar Municipality-15 in Jhapa, was recently rescued from Oman.

She traveled to Oman on October 17 for employment and the Sky of The World Manpower Agency facilitated her visa process for the same. She was promised that she would be paid a monthly remuneration of Rs 50,000 for working as a hairstylist.

But against the agreed terms, she found herself in a three-story building located far from the city area where was coerced into performing duties such as bathing and massaging tourists. She was subjugated to mental torture and physical torture and was held hostage by the company proprietor who was an Arabian for refusing to do the job that she was asked to do. 

Despite the challenging circumstances, Sanjita managed to reach out to her family in Nepal. In response, House of Representatives member from Jhapa Constituency 1, Bishwa Prakash Sharma, urged the Nepali Embassy in Oman to facilitate her rescue. She returned home on November 27, expressing relief at having narrowly escaped a perilous situation in Oman.

She narrated that her employer in Oman demanded her Rs 250,000 when she requested him to send her back home.

According to her, she was influenced by Lalita Adhikari, the proprietor of Birtamod-based Apsara Beauty Parlor to seek a career abroad. Upon knowing the ordeal Sanjita was facing in Oman, her family approached the manpower agency and Adhikari seeking their help for the safe release of her, but was told that they could do nothing in this case.  

Following her desperate call from Oman for the rescue, her uncle Brikshalal decided to meet the NC leader for help. "We were worried when we got her texts that read ' I was left stranded by the company; if not rescued promptly, I will end my life by hanging!'," he said.  Finally, the Nepali Embassy there facilitated her safe journey back home.

She had paid Rs 150,000 to the manpower agency to go to Oman.



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