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Karnali Province govt preparing to organize investment summit

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SURKHET, Nov 30: The Karnali Province government is to organize an investment summit within the current fiscal year.

The provincial government is preparing to organize the investment summit within the current fiscal year with the objective of bringing investment in the province by attracting the private sector.

Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Bed Raj Singh, shared that the Karnali province government has already started preparations for the investment summit.

"We in our annual program have mentioned organizing an investment summit in Karnali. We are now making preparations for the same," he said.

Stating that the provincial government has made a plan encouraging the private sector to bring in investment, Minister Singh added, "Industries appropriate for Karnali will be established and the private sector will be encouraged for the same."

He stressed that the government has started activities increasing internal income by properly mobilizing the means and resources of Karnali, adding that all should join hands for the same.


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