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Passengers who missed flight as flight schedules shift amid PM’s visit still stranded

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KATHMANDU, Dec 1: Passengers who missed the flight to Dubai due to changes in flight schedules for convenience of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's visit are still stranded. A total of 31 passengers who booked flight number RA 229 were left stranded at the airport on Wednesday after Nepal Airlines changed the schedule.

For the convenience of Prime Minister Dahal's delegation, Nepal Airlines took off the flight of Nepal Airlines at 9:30PM, which had an initial flight schedule of 11:30PM on Wednesday night. A total of 31 passengers were prevented from going to Dubai after the flight schedule was revised two hours before the scheduled time.

Among them, 10 passengers reached Dubai on Thursday after Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) issued a statement expressing regret over the inconvenience caused to the passengers and assured that the 31 individuals who missed Wednesday night’s flight would be accommodated on a Nepal Airlines flight scheduled for 11:30 PM on Thursday. However, the remaining 21 passengers are still stranded in Kathmandu.

Spokesperson of Nepal Airlines, Ramesh Paudel, told Republica that not all of the passengers who missed flight on Wednesday were able to go to Dubai.

He said, "Out of 31 people, only a few have flown to Dubai on Thursday. According to the schedule of the aircraft, seats have been arranged and some passengers have been dispatched. We will manage and send the remaining passengers on different flights today.”

He also said that tickets have been given to all the missing passengers and by tonight all the missing passengers will board their flight to Dubai.

Prajwal Bikram Rana, a global youth campaigner for climate justice, wrote on his social media that 10 of those who missed flight on Wednesday have reached Dubai safely.

He is also one of the passengers who missed out the flight due to PM Dahal's visit to Dubai.

Source: myRepublica
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