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NC sees a growing demand to reinstate Nepal as Hindu state

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KATHMANDU, Dec 1: The demand to reinstate Nepal as a Hindu state has grown strong lately within the ruling Nepali Congress (NC).

A group of NC leaders have exerted pressure on the party President Sher Bahadur Deuba to include the agenda of reinstating Nepal as a Hindu state for discussion in the upcoming meeting of the Mahasamiti—a crucial body of the party to formulate the party's policies and programs. NC is expected to convene a meeting of Mahasamiti members from across the country by the end of December to deliberate on the party’s future course of action including the demand of Hindu state.

It is said that an overwhelming majority of Mahasamiti members within NC are in favor of reverting Nepal as a Hindu state as it used to be before 2007.

A group of NC leaders led by Central Working Committee (CWC) member Shankar Bhandari on Friday held a meeting with NC President Deuba and demanded he include the agenda of Hindu state in the party’s upcoming Mahasamiti meeting. Bhandari claimed that President Deuba has given a positive response to his demand to restore Vedic Hindu state.

Bhandari has also been demanding the abolition of provincial governments and changes to the existing electoral system. He said that Deuba has positively responded to these demands as well.

A section of political leaders across the parties have been arguing that existing provincial government structures are not economically viable for the country. They have also argued that the provincial structures should be abolished, retaining only federal and local level governments.

Currently, Nepal follows the First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system and Proportional Representation (PR) electoral system. In the 275-member House of Representatives (HoR), a total of 165 members are elected under the FPTP electoral system while the remaining 110 members are elected under the PR electoral system.

Bhandari reached Deuba’s residence to invite him as the chief guest to inaugurate the newly-built party office in Tanahun. 


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