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Province Chief Khapung certifies budget approved by Koshi provincial assembly

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BIRATNAGAR, Dec 2: The budget for Koshi province, which was unanimously approved by the provincial assembly, has been certified by the Province Chief Parshuram Khapung. The budget approved by the provincial assembly on Wednesday was certified by Province Chief Khapung on Friday.

A press statement issued by the office of the Province Chief said that the 'Bill Designed to Implement the Proposal Related to the Finance of Koshi Province Government, 2080', substituting the 'Koshi Province Finance Ordinance, 2080' has been officially certified.

With the verification from the chief of the province, the budget of Koshi province has now come into the implementation.

Koshi Chief Minister Kedar Karki presented a budget worth Rs 36.74 billion for FY 2023/24 through the budget substitution bill in the provincial assembly. The budget was unanimously endorsed by the provincial assembly on Wednesday.


Source: myRepublica
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