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Repair of Nepal-India border posts begins

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JHAPA, Dec 4: The repair of 317 border pillars along the Nepal-India border, spanning from Mechinagar to Gaurigunj in Jhapa, commenced today. The technical team from Bhadrapur-2 battalion of the Armed Police Force initiated the repair of Reference Border Pillar (RP) No. 91/1 under Permanent Border Pillar (PP) 55 in Mechinagar Municipality Ward-7, Satighatta, in a ceremony.

In attendance were Mayor Gopal Chandra Budhathoki of Mechinagar Municipality, Mayor Ganesh Pokharel of Bhadrapur Municipality, Armed Police Force No. 1 Brigade Commander Anjani Kumar Pokharel, and Nepal Police Koshi Province Chief Rajeshnath Bastola. They jointly inaugurated the repair of border pillars by painting them.

Mayor Pokharel highlighted that, for the first time in Koshi Province, maintenance of Nepal-India border posts has begun. He noted a total of 957 border posts along the 430 km-long open border with India in the Koshi region and the mobilization of 1,500 personnel for border security.

As per the agreement between the Border Working Group of Nepal and India, maintenance of even-numbered border pillars is handled by the Indian side, while the Nepali side oversees odd-numbered border pillars. The Indian side has already repaired even-numbered border pillars in Jhapa district.

Ganapati Debraj Aryal of Bhadrapur No. 2 in the Armed Police Force stated that Nepal will maintain 317 odd-numbered border posts along the 144 km-long open border from Mechinagar to Gaurigunj in Jhapa district. The maintenance involves restoring damaged and fallen pillars and painting all pillars.

There are a total of 957 border posts along the Indian border connected to Jhapa, with maintenance beginning from Satighatta to Ilam in the north. Some border posts in the area were lost or buried due to the flood of the Mechi River.

The Government of Nepal has entrusted the Armed Police Force with the responsibility of security and maintenance of border posts through a special procedure. A technical team has been mobilized to maintain all border posts on the south side through Satighatta.

Simultaneously, efforts are underway to clear the no man's land area of the Nepal-India border. In Jhapa district, 55 places along the border have been encroached upon by locals. Thirty-seven encroachments have been cleared, with a deadline set for the remaining 18 places.

Ganapati Aryal mentioned, "As houses have been built and inhabited in some places, a deadline has been given to remove them." An agreement between the two countries stipulates clearing 30 feet on both sides of the boundary pillar in Dasgaja. The Indian side will evacuate its side of the boundary.

In response to the Nepali side initiating border pillar maintenance in Satighatta, India dispatched 41 personnel from the Indian Border Security Force to Panitanki in West Bengal, with Commander Nabin Kumar Rai representing the battalion.


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