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RSP warns of public outcry if attempts made to ‘settle’ Ncell case

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KATHMANDU, Dec 5: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has issued a warning that it will take its concerns to the public if there is any ‘intention to settle the Ncell sale case from the high-level official’.

Through an official statement, the RSP has declared that it will demand answers from the government regarding the Ncell case during the upcoming finance committee meeting on Wednesday.

Amid growing inquiries and uncertainties surrounding the Ncell sale, the RSP cautioned that it will seek the government's response and, if there are attempts to resolve the matter at the ‘higher level’, it will mobilize the people against it.

RSP has said that RSP's Vice Chairman and Member of Parliament Swarnim Wagle and Deputy Leader of the Parliamentary Party Biraj Bhakta Shrestha will demand the government's response in the parliamentary committee.

"Our parliamentarians are diligently working to unearth the truth in this matter. If there is any indication of an attempt to resolve this issue at the highest level, we are committed to taking it to the people," reads the statement by the RSP.

Additionally, the RSP has said that its MPs are active in mounting all-round pressure on the government to conduct an investigation into the incident involving the Malaysian telecom company Axiata Group selling  its shares in Ncell.

The RSP highlighted that the Public Accounts Committee of parliament has recognized the public concerns and has sought answers from the Nepal Telecommunication Authority. The RSP said, "Our MPs, serving in various committees of parliament, have called for further discussion and responses on this matter."

The party disclosed that Sumana Shrestha, a joint secretary and parliamentarian of RSP, engaged in a special discussion with the chairman of the Education, Health, and Information Technology Committee to create an environment for the government's response.

Furthermore, MP Ganesh Parajuli has requested the chairman of the Industry, Commerce, Labor, and Consumer Interest Committee to conduct a policy discussion based on the ownership change of Ncell.


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