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CNP transfers aggressive tiger to Bardiya due to space constraints

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CHITWAN, Dec 5: An aggressive tiger has been relocated to the Bardiya National Park from the Chitwan National Park (CNP) due to limited cage availability.

CNP Information Officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said that although the aggressive tiger was taken under control and kept in a cage, it was sent to Bardia due to space constraints.

An approximately four-year-old male tiger was sent to Bardia. The tiger was taken into control after it started attacking people in Kumroj settlement of Khairahani Municipality-12.

There are currently four aggressive tigers in Kasara's cages and two in Sauraha. An estimated 10-year-old female tiger that attacked a man in Makwanpur's Manhari a few days ago has been kept in Sauraha. Similarly, in Sauraha, there is also a 10-year-old male tiger that attacked people in Meghauli last year.

According to Tiwari, there is an approximately two-year-old male tiger brought from Amaltari at the park's head office in Kasara. Similarly, an approximately nine-year-old male tiger brought from Banke two years ago is kept in the same cage.

An approximately 13-year-old female tiger brought from Madi forest and an approximately 12-year-old male tiger brought under control from Belsahar community forest in Dev Nagar three years ago are in Kasara. If more tigers are to be captured, there is no place to keep them at present.

The park is building a wildlife rescue center at Dev Nagar in West Chitwan.

In the same place, two cages are being built to keep tigers. Tigers kept in cages in Dev Nagar are being managed to show them to tourists.

As the number of violent tigers increases, there is a problem in their management. A tiger is fed five kilos of buffalo meat a day. Tiger management has become difficult due to lack of space, manpower and food.

According to the calculation of 2022, there are 128 tigers in CNP and 355 tigers across the country. The park has relocated two aggressive tigers this fiscal year. Earlier, a tiger was transferred to the Parsa National Park.


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