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Nepali POW in Ukraine appeals to govt for rescue

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KATHMANDU, Dec 6: A Nepali individual, who is a prisoner of war (POW) in Ukraine, has requested the Nepal government to rescue him. In a video posted by the POW on social media, he has publicly appealed to the government for assistance in his rescue, expressing concerns for the well-being of his parents.

"Namaste Mom and Dad, I'm currently fine here, but I have no idea what will happen later," the individual says in a quavering voice in the video. "There are other Nepalis here too. Please tell the Prime Minister and urge for a quick rescue. Right now, I am remembering my home country and my parents. As the only son in the family, my parents must have suffered a lot of pain,” he says.

The Nepali POW, whose name and address have not been disclosed, is working in the Russian army and was arrested in Ukraine. Earlier, the Ministry of External Affairs had confirmed that Bibek Khatri, who had joined the Russian army, is currently in captivity in Ukraine. Khatri from Bardia has been a POW since mid-October during the war with Ukraine after joining the Russian army. In the video released on social media, he said that he had joined the Russian army to relieve his family's hardship.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), diplomatic initiatives are being taken to return him to Nepal.

It is said that the Nepali youth who have joined the Russian army are fighting against Ukraine. The condition of some Nepalis deployed by Russia in the war against Ukraine is unknown, while the news that some have died has started to be published.

The death of six Nepalis who joined the Russian army has been confirmed. The MoFA announced on Tuesday that it has received information about the death of six Nepalis in Ukraine.

MoFA identified the Nepali nationals who lost their lives in Ukraine as Sandeep Thapalia of Gorkha, Rupak Kari of Kapilvastu, Dewan Rai of Kaski, Pritam Karki of Syangja, Raj Kumar Roka of Ilam, and Ganga Raj Moktan of Ilam.

As there are unofficial reports that many Nepali nationals are being lured into joining the Russian army, MoFA has also appealed to all citizens, excluding those engaged in government work, recipients of Russian government scholarships, and professionals in business, to travel to Russia only through the Consular Service Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tripureshwar.

Additionally, the MoFA has urged all Nepali nationals to refrain from joining the armies of war-torn countries based on false information or the temptation of monetary gains. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests all concerned not to join the army of war-torn countries on the basis of false information or temptation," it added.


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